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First ‘Honey Boo-Boo’, Now ‘All My Babies’ Mamas


This is where I officially draw the line…

(I know most of you probably won’t read beyond the first few lines of my rant, but if you do, go to ASK tab at top of my page and let me kow if you will be tuning in to the latest reality show. Would love to hear your thoughts!!)

There is nothing funnier than watching someone else trip or fall flat on their face. A good fall is FUNNY! But this kind of misfortune is pathetic.

I can’t actually admit that I’ve ever watched Honey Boo Boo but it’s not that I’m too ‘high-brow’ for it, but rather I just can’t stomach it. Maybe I am missing out. But I’m OK with that. The fact that these people are willing participants in this spectacle is little consolation. Clearly people watch and continue to watch the show because it’s awful. But is it right to watch? As Kathleen Parker, a writer for the Washington Post says, ‘Only to the extent that it is right to accompany a stranger to the bathroom.’

I couldn’t agree more. Responsible parents used to steer their children away from these kind of things because we were taught it wasn’t right to enjoy the misfortunes of others.

Which gets me to the next show.

‘All My Babies’ Mamas,’ a show in-development for Oxyen channel, features rapper Shawty Lo and the 11 children he has fathered from 10 different mothers. (Who was the ‘lucky’ mother to have boar 2 of his children?)

ENOUGH is ENOUGH! a on-hour show where these 11 children are forced to participate and witness 10 unwed mothers clamor for financial support, emotional and sexual attention.

We have offically reached an all-time LOW.

Those children did not sign up for that. And I surely will not be signing up for it either.

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